The Galway Archaeological Field School will offer three courses in 2020 and transferable Academic Credit is available to all students. We aim to provide high quality tuition to all our students and this will be achieved through small class sizes, professional tuition and close on-site supervision. We are primarily an educational institution and so we design our courses and select our survey and excavation sites with one important thing in mind - the provision of first-class training opportunities for our students.

Students can choose to come for our two-week non-excavation course or for one of our four-week excavation skills courses, or they can also opt to combine courses to create a six-week or eight-week package at reduced rates. Students who wish to extend their stay in Ireland could, for example, combine the two-week architecture course with a four-week excavation course (e.g. Sessions 1 + 2 or Sessions 3 + 4) to create an unforgettable six-week stay which would immerse them fully in Irish culture, history and heritage, while students focussed on excavation could combine Sessions 2 & 3 in order to take both the introductory and advanced excavation courses in one eight-week, intensive stay. Our course fees include tuition, accommodation (on a self-catering basis), access fees to historic sites and local transportation, so that additional expenses for our students are limited to transport to and from Galway and food for the duration of their stay.

Interested? Review the 2020 programme below, follow the links to read about the three courses we offer and then submit a no-obligation application form with your contact details and your course preference - we will then review your application and offer you a place if one is available. Alternatively, feel free to email us with any queries you may have.

Programme Details 2020

Session 1: May 25th - June 5th (2 weeks - 3 Semester Credits / 6 ECTS credits)
       Castles, Cloisters and Churches: The Architecture of Medieval Ireland

Session 2: June 8th - July 3rd (4 weeks - 6 Semester Credits / 12 ECTS credits)
      Introduction to Archaeological Excavation

Session 3: July 6th - July 31st (4 weeks - 6 Semester Credits / 12 ECTS credits)
       Choose either Introduction to Archaeological Excavation or
       Recording Methods in Archaeological Survey and Excavation

Session 4: August 3rd - August 14th (2 weeks - 3 Semester Credits / 6 ECTS credits)
       Castles, Cloisters and Churches: The Architecture of Medieval Ireland


Course Fees

Session 1 or 4:   €1,800   (2 weeks - architecture)

Session 2 or 3:   €3,600   (4 weeks - excavation)

Sessions 1 & 2 or 3 & 4:   €4,860  (6 weeks - architecture & excavation)

Sessions 2 & 3:   €6,480   (8 weeks - all excavation)