COVID-19: An update on Summer 2020

Given the current COVID-19 crisis, we cannot be certain that our courses will go ahead as planned in Summer 2020. However, we are going to do our very best to run courses this year - we might have to cancel courses in May, and possibly June, in the hoping of saving courses in July and August, but this situation will evolve gradually over the coming weeks. We are continuing to accept applications and bookings, but we have understandably received many queries on our plans and our refund arrangements over the last few weeks. As a result, we have outlined our position to our students under three headings as follows:

1. What happens if my government issues a 'Do Not Travel' warning for Ireland?
In the unlikely event that the US government changes Ireland's risk rating to Level 4 - Do Not Travel, or the Canadian government changes Ireland's risk rating to Avoid All Travel, then we will refund the course fees for students from those respective countries without question.

2. What happens if I, as a student, cancel my booking?
Students who book can avail of our refund policy if they decide not to travel. It usually offers a 90% refund to students who decide not to come more than six weeks before course commencement. However, in light of the unprecedented circumstances we now find ourselves in, we have improved this refund policy as follows: Students who book and then decide not to come up to four weeks before course commencement will now get a 90% refund. Students who decide not to come between four and two weeks before course commencement will be given an 80% refund.

3. What happens if GAFS cancel my course?
In the event that we have to cancel a course, all students booked on that course will receive a full refund.